Tatonka North

Passionately delivering exceptional construction and maintenance services across Canada.

A 100% Aboriginal Company

Our Founder

Massey Whiteknife, founder

Tatonka is 100% Aboriginal owned and operated out of Fort McKay, AB. Owner and President Massey Whiteknife started with a safety consulting business, ICEIS Safety, in 2005 with a vision of one day becoming a One-Stop-Shop for safety services. With a little money saved up, and a big dream ICEIS Safety secured contracts predominantly with other Aboriginal companies providing consulting services. The company then branched out into training for First Nations in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) area. Within two years ICEIS Safety was providing safety training courses to over 25 Aboriginal communities, and was managing over 10 Aboriginal owned companies ensuring that they met the industrial standards for contracts on major Oil Sands sites. In 2010 Massey achieved his dream of owning a One-Stop-Shop when he starting the third phase of the ICEIS Group. ICEIS Safety Supplies Ltd. began delivering supplies to a hand-full of companies. This sector of the company quickly grew and is currently supplying over 30 construction companies in the RMWB and Edmonton areas.

Massey is not only passionate about being a spokesperson for Aboriginal businesses to help build relationships with larger corporations and connect with Industry, but he is also passionate about supporting Aboriginal communities to reach their full and vibrant potential. Massey had a vision of helping Aboriginal people who live in rural and isolated communities and the situational challenges they face when seeking viable employment opportunities. This is how and why the Get Ready Program was created, to fill a void that exists in the Aboriginal community.

Management Team

President / Owner | Massey Whiteknife

Business owner for over 15 years with a deep rooted passion for helping the Aboriginal community and a strong knowledge and understanding of aboriginal cultures and communities. Mr. Whiteknife has cultivated strong ties with Industry and has established successful business relationships with different Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal communities throughout Western Canada.




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